I am an experienced international orientated business manager, I lived abroad for several years and build a strong track record developing and managing businesses within the ICT, Automotive and as a project contractor for the UN and governments, running high scale digital projects in developing countries’ worldwide.


In parallel, I have had an exiting motorsports career as a professional racecar driver, grand prix organizer and founder of the leading touring car racing series in Denmark.


I see my combined technical and commercial skills and capability to practice cultural and social sensitive diplomacy as my primary personal strengths. While being fast and confident in terms of analyzing new opportunities, and taking these and turn them into profitable results is the source of my success.


Through my career, I learned that that paying attention to details and providing excellent training to local staff and turning them into the real specialists, inevitably enhance the long term results and the overall perception.


I make an effort to keeping an open mind and prefer getting out of the office, meeting people, asking questions and experimenting. I am getting my energy and inspiration from interacting and engaging with people at all levels.



Kim Rødkjær


Founder and Ceo of Centella

Born 1970 in Hornsyld Judland - DK

Married to Pernille Kruse Rødkjær

Two daughters, Salma 8 and Rose 4

Living in Espergærde - 40 min north of

Copenhagen - Denmark

Phone: +45 6094 6095

Office: Livjægergade 17B

3 rd. floor

2100 Copenhagen Ø




A multilateral skilled businessman with a hands on attitude and strong leadership skills. Fast and confident in terms of analyzing new opportunities, challenges as well as analyzing the competition - leading to instant results and maximum profits.






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