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Kim Rødkjær

CEO & Founder


March 2016: Interpeace, a UN Partner running the Somaliland voter registration

"we have had the pleasure of working closely with Atea and their project team over the last year for the extensive supplies contract, which provided sophisticated biometric voter registration (BVR) kits, software and peripherals for the voter registration process in Somaliland"

"Atea was able assemble a world-class team to support the development and delivery of the system and its components for the first ever Biometric voters system to use iris scanning technology, Since the system has been put into operations, Atea has also been able to give strong technical support throughout the roll-out.

We are very impressed with Atea and would highly recommend them for jobs of this nature in the future"

Jerry McCann

Deputy Director-General, Operation, Interpeace


Above all,we are a team of experienced international business developers and project engineers delivering end-end business development and projects management. We walk the talk and get your business started.


Our strength is founded in our professional skills and our collaborate culture enabling us to establish strong relations with customers and stakeholders on both sides of the table. We manage the process internally as well as locally onsite for companies, organizations and governments, in Europe as well as the Arab African regions.


We hope, that we managed to confirm your interest and we would be honored if you would share your next business development or promotion plans with us.



Yours Sincerely



Kim Rødkjær

Owner and CEO




Centella ApS

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Tel: +45 6094 6095

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Since 2004, Centella has delivered hands on business development for international orientated companies and organisations worldwide:


  • ATEA: Gambia National ID passport 2016

Supply Mobile biometric reg. kits


  • ATEA: Mozambique National ID 2016

Supply Mobile biometric reg. kits


  • Skydda, L.Brador and Guide workwear 2016

Developing the Danish market selecting and key distributors with in selected areas and implementing the commercial and logistic processes. www.skydda.dk


  • Atea Somaliland Voter Registration 2014-16

Awarded tender for delivery of the first iris id projects for voter registration worldwide.



  • Australian Immigrations 2015

Development and delivery state of art off-shore 24h battery, water proff biometric registration kits.


  • Ucomposites recycle glass fibers 2011-14 Developing the business from scratch.

From 0-500ton per month on tech fibers for the german automotive industry in 3 years.


  • Comway IT Distribution 2009-10

Building reseller network in German and Middle Easter regions. Annual rev. + 10 mio. USD


  • Kimbrer IT, Maravilla GmbH 2007-2009

Established German branch for it sourcing of A brand computers.


  • Lenovo overstock resale 2005-2007

Resale German EOL and overstock


  • Continental Teves Germany 2004

IT workstation procurement of CAD Workstation globally.




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